Custom Chimney Caps & Covers - Copper, Stainless Steel

custom chimney caps & covers - copper, steel, aluminum, metal chimney cap - MA, RI, CT, VT, NH

Custom Chimney Caps, Covers & Shrouds from Excel Copper Works

custom copper chimney caps shrouds ma ct ri vt nhChimney caps, covers and shrouds – play a vital role in your chimney system, protecting your house from water infiltration.  Our custom designed, hand crafted chimney caps and shrouds are available in copper, stainless steel and, aluminum in a variety of styles and mounding types. We can custom design, build and install any style of chimney cap that matches and enhances your home’s beauty.

Why should you get a custom cap? The answer is simple. No two chimneys are the same size. Due to differences in construction techniques, variations in materials and the skills of the contractors themselves, there can be huge variations in shape and size.

The off the shelf caps more often than not will not fit correctly. This can lead to failure in the cap or prevent it from fully doing what it was installed for, protecting your home from water, and critters! When we design and build your custom chimney cap we begin by measuring your chimney for size, accuracy of angles, check for level, etc. We then help you decide the best type of mounting system for your specific chimney and then help you pick the style that best enhances your home!

Why You Need a Chimney Cap or Cover:

  • Prevent downdrafts
  • Prevent clogging
  • Prevent weather infiltration, water build up inside house which can lead to mold, mildew, damaged flue liner, cracking, buildup
  • Prevent sticks and leaves from a falling down the flue causing a  fire hazard
  • Keep animals like raccoons, squirrels chipmunks birds from getting in house and building nests, carry diseases
  • Keeps out animal droppings , odors from droppings and dead animals
  • Prevents ice buildup in flue
  • Prevents fires from sparks
  • Ice run off from chimney
  • Prevent water damage to bricks and mortar at top of chimney
  • Prevents large sparks from escaping
  • Increase lifetime of chimney liner,
  • Prevent future costly repairs
  • Peace of mind preventing damage and wear on your biggest investment, your home

custom copper chimney caps shrouds - ma ct vt ri nh Why Purchase Your Chimney Caps & Covers from Excel

  • Custom design
  • Custom fit
  • Professional craftsmanship
  • Variety of styles
    • Tear Drop Standing Seam Hip & Ridge
    • Hip and Ridge Teardrop
    • Standing Seam Top Mount
    • Flat Top
    • And more…
  • Professional installation
  • Long life of copper
  • Warranty?
  • Proper fit
  • Can build and ship anywhere in US
  • Custom design and fabrication for any type of chimney
    • Single flue
    • Multiple flue
    • Square, round, rectangular, oval flues
    • Masonry liners, metal liners,
    • Single walled
    • Double walled
    • Triple walled
    • Top sealing dampers
    • Wind resistant caps

custom chimney caps shrouds - ma ct ri nh vtWhy Copper Chimney Caps & Covers

  • Attractive appearance
  • Long life
  • Durable - strong
  • Develops attractive patina
  • Look better than all other caps
  • Cleans easily
  • Can be aged as part of the install process
  • Add character
  • More durable than aluminum
  • Elegant
  • No maintenance
  • Heat resistant
  • Withstand extreme weather conditions either bitter cold winter or harsh hot summer
  • Red copper, regular copper, lead coated, freedom gray

Why have a Chimney Shroud

  • Slow down deterioration of non masonry chimneys
  • A decorative shroud hides the utilitarian look of a metal termination cap. We offer a variety of shrouds and can even manufacture completely custom designs.



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